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The experts in denture relines and copies

You may have dentures that don't need to be repaired, but just don't fit how you need them to. With your comfort and confidence in mind, AD Laboratories offer a comprehensive reline and copy service.


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Top quality denture relines

Loose dentures don't only look unsightly and cause you pain, they can also damage your gums and bone structure.


Choosing AD Laboratories for your denture reline reduces the need for denture adhesive and gives you a comfortable smile.

Fantastic denture copies

When we undertake your denture copy, we will copy the exact tooth position and shape, and improve the way they fit with your mouth and gums. Choose copy dentures that are just like your current ones, only better!  

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Choose the experts

With our RCS accredited clinical dental technicians serving both the dental profession and the general public, you will have the peace of mind that comes with comfortable, quality and great-looking dentures.

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