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Denture repairs while you wait

We offer a walk-in, while you wait service for your denture repairs, and in most cases we will complete the repairs within two hours.


Due to our great location this gives you free time to hit the shops, or just wait in our comfortable waiting room with complimentary tea and coffee.

Denture repairs

If you have an existing set of dentures that have broken, our skilled technicians can repair them for you and also advise you on how we can improve the fit of your dentures



How should I look after my dentures?

To keep your new dentures in perfect condition, and ensure that they don't need to be repaired, take great care when handling them. If you only need a reline or copy denture, we can also do this for you at AD Laboratories.

For fast and expert denture repairs, call us on:

01483 722 994

Free consultation

If you're not sure how much repair work your denture requires, we offer a free consultation so our qualified technicians can establish the extent of the work needed.

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